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My professional, meticulous approach ensures my patients receive first class care and attention. Enrich your fertility journey through optimisation of natural fertility, and comprehensive and transparent management of infertility and gynaecology care. Most importantly, receive the correct scientific evidence and expert advice to become empowered to make your own fertility and healthcare decisions.
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Many patients visiting for the first time assume they need assisted reproduction technologies such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). However, in reality there is much we can do to optimise fertility for men and women through a range of lifestyle modifications first before we consider other approaches. Importantly, my meticulous approach ensures we examine all factors affecting your conception challenges and comprehensive reproductive health.

Being fertile is about whole body health. I’m here to help you maximise your fertile opportunities using evidence-based science and lifestyle adjustment to achieve the best result. Read more…

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a viable option for women who wish to preserve their fertility, especially if they are not ready for parenthood or are at risk of premature menopause. Read more…

Life Fertility

Life Fertility is the largest 100% doctor-owned clinic in QLD (one of only two such clinics). Founded by Dr Glenn Stirling, its success can be seen by the number of patients who choose to attend year after year. Read more…

Gynaecology & Laparoscopy

I strive to empower women to be engaged, active, participants in their general and reproductive health, and treatment. My approach is to ensure my patients feel relaxed, informed, and understood throughout their care with me. Read more…

Teens to Menopause

Being a sub-specialist in reproductive endocrinology means I am an expert with hormones relating to all stages from teens to menopause. From abnormal periods to post-menopausal hormone therapy. Read more…

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Trying for a baby is an important and exciting time. There can be plenty of high and lows in a fertility journey. The important thing is having the courage to start.
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