is more than your cellular elements. Being fertile is about whole body health. I'm here to help you maximise your fertile opportunities using evidence based science and lifestyle adjustment to achieve the best result.

Let's talk about your reproductive health.

Our first appointment together is about exploring your medical history and building a picture of your fertility challenges.

One in 6 couples in Australia have difficulty conceiving, so you're not alone.

Together, we develop your customised strategy. This may require some medical tests that will help you and your partner to identify your unique challenges and help us set a path forward with lifestyle modifications or assisted reproduction techniques.
My committment
I am dedicated to optimising your chances of conceiving. I will individualise this depending on your fertility issues, your goals and your needs. This may be as simple as augmenting your natural fertility or help with ovulation induction or tracking your cycle. However, sometimes there are complex issues that need advanced fertility treatments, medical or surgical management. Whatever the need, my team will support you with compassion, accessibility, clear communication, and understanding, throughout your fertility journey.
Female fertility services
Some of the female fertility issues and treatments I manage include:
  • Ovulation induction and cycle tracking
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and managing genetic conditions
  • Those with complex medical conditions wanting to conceive
  • Transgender, LGBTQI persons
  • Those needing donor gametes
  • PCOS, Endometriosis and other gynaecological conditions affecting fertility
  • Fertility for single women
  • Egg Freezing
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Implantation failure
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Getting your fertility issues investigated can be uncomfortable, even scary. Being 'poked' and 'prodded' can feel strange. Remember, think of what you'll gain by understanding your fertility and reproductive health better, and moving towards your goal of a baby.
The menstrual cycle is often the driving force of female reproductive health.
Beginning in the pre-teen years and ending at the time of menopause. This is the phase of life in which women generally experience their most fertile years. I specialise in managing reproductive health issues and conditions, including early menopause and perimenopause.Your fertility (or ability to conceive)
is influenced by many factors such as:
Reproductive health conditions
lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, weight, exposure to stress

The impact of age on a woman's fertility.

Chances of conceiving at age 25

Chance of conceiving at age 30

Chance of conceiving at age 35

Chance of conceiving at age 41 +

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