Fertility is for

So how do we preserve, protect, and prolong your fertility?

Naturally of course.

Why I joined

the Life Fertility team.

Life Fertility is the largest 100% doctor-owned clinic in QLD (one of only two such clinics). Founded by Dr Glenn Sterling, its success can be seen by the number of patients that choose to attend year after year. As a Director of LFC, I am committed not only to provide the most personalised, holistic and evidence-based care, but also to maximise the benefits of LFC for my patients. These benefits include:
Lower Cost
As income generated by the fertility clinic, goes straight back into the clinic and patient care (rather than share-holders or a larger corporation). Patients will directly benefit from this, and allows prices to be kept lower without compromisation of service.
Laboratory on site at Bowen Hills (gametes do not need to be transported), with day-surgery, medical and support staff all where the procedure is performed. Free parking on site at Bowen Hills.
Oocyte retrievals are performed under general anaesthetic or, with local anaesthetic: many patients will choose to have their egg pick-up done under local anaesthetic with penthrox. This enables quicker recovery, ability to perform most duties as usual post procedure and minimises the risks of general anaesthetic. However, this is not suitable or the choice for everyone, at LFC patients get a choice.
This means fertility specialists and clinicians from multiple locations and States share knowledge. At LFC, we believe in discussing complex cases and keeping up-to-date with evidence. This occurs on a weekly basis amongst clinicians from all of our clinics in the form of de-identified case discussions, journal clubs, education sessions
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